TomCat CRZ Disc

Comes with a heavy duty steel chassis, large battery packs, HD motors and powerful controllable brush pressure make the CRZ a formidable hard floor cleaner. Easy controls with a "one touch" button feature and a comfortable high back seat make the GTX a favourite with the operator. A large range of brushes, pads and special tools are available for cleaning or restoring hard floors to their former glory.


crz disc

Versatile ride-on scrubber dryer suitable for both commercial & industrial applications, with the power to clean floors in the most challenging of applications. The CRZ is ideal for maintaining vinyl, terrazzo, painted, concrete, marble, & ceramic flooring. From warehouses & factories to shopping centres & airports the CRZ is highly productive, simple to use and maintain.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Powerful motors
  • Heavy brush pressure
  • Simple “one button” operation
  • Comfortable driving position
  • Extended run times
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly productive
  • Outstanding results

Available with ZERO3 for chemical free cleaning

Type Ride-on Scrubber Dryer
Scrub width 66cm/76cm/86cm
Scrub system 2 x disc
Scrub speed 300-350 rpm
Scrub pressure 0-115 kg adjustable
Water capacity 130ltr clean/recovery
Vacuum motor 1x1 hp
Drive motor 1 hp, 0-7 km/h Front wheel
Power 36v 6x6v Battery
Autonomie 3 - 6 hours
Construction HD steel chassis/HD poly tanks
Dimensions LxWxH 137x66x140cm
Weight 550 kg
250-022 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/325ah & 36V/30A Charger
250-027 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/360ah & 36V/30A Charger
250-020 Battery/Charger Upgrade AGM 335ah & 25A Charger

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