ZerO3 Chemical Free

Chemical Free floor cleaning is now available on all the range of TomCat battery powered scrubbers, the ZerO3 system produces aqueous ozone on board and on demand. Reduce your impact on the environment and improve your housekeeping with the O3+ system on your scrubber drier.

03 plus

ZerO3+ & Suds

The Zero3+ aqueous ozone system on a TomCat scrubber will clean your floors to a good level, in some situations chemical may be required to get the finish required. The ZerO3+ system gives you the best of both worlds, chemical free & chemical injection two completely separate systems.
03 1

making aqueous ozone step 1

FIRST SPLIT THE 02 - The water from the solution tank in the scrubber drier passes through the ozone generator which splits the Oxygen (02) molecules into single (01) atoms via the Carona discharge. Corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a liquid which surrounds a conductor, this happens when the power of the electric field exceeds a certain value.
o3 2 finished


CREATE THE OZONE - The radical oxygen atoms (01) bonds with the remaining oxygen (02) molecules, creating Ozone (03) The full strength aqueous ozone solution then passes directly through the brush deck & onto the floor.
o3 4 finished

step 3

03 ATTACKS - The unstable ozone (03) molecules in solution on the floor search out contaminants to oxidize, the radically bonded oxygen (01) will attach to the contaminant destroying the wall of the cell, eliminating the contaminants.
o3 5 finished

step 4

(03) BECOMES (02) - Now the (03) aqueous ozone reverts back to its original state (02), the solution is recovered by the scrubber driers powerful vacuum squeegee into the waste tank and then can be disposed of according to local regulations.


TomCat auto scrubbers now have the option of a chemical free cleaning system. Tap water from the solution tank passes through a filter into a pump and then through the ozone generator, aqueous then passes directly onto the floor.


In some situations such as stripping floor seal or removing excess grease and dirt, chemical may need to be applied. The TomCat SUDS system has a separate chemical reservoir and at the flick of a switch the operator can inject the solution mix directly on to the floor. You can use your own chemical with this system which has two pre set dilution rates for your convenience.