Cleaning Systems

TomCat offer a range of hard floor cleaning systems, from simple maintenance to specialist renovation of your unique hard floors. For advice or a free site survey to assess the best system for your floors please contact us.

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EDGE System

The unique oscillating brush system available on TomCat EDGE scrubbers allows the operator to maintain, deep clean or undertake specialist renovation work on a large range of hard floor types. The EDGE system has the bonus of using up to 70% less water & chemicals than traditional cleaning machines, making a positive contribution to a safer environment. Diamond polishing natural stone, sanding wood floors, deep cleaning ceramic tiles and grout, dry stripping vinyl floors are all simple and safe with EDGE.
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DISC System

TomCat scrubber dryers are all available with a DISC brush system, available with either single or twin disc and controllable brush pressure for aggressive scrubbing on a large range of floor types. A large range of brushes, pads and special tooling is available for routine maintenance or specialist renovation.

Cylindrical System

Sweeps, scrubs and dries the floor in a single pass, Tomcat cylindrical scrubbers are ideal for areas with small amounts of debris. Two contra rotating cylinder brushes simultaneously sweep and scrub, the debris is placed into a removable steel hopper that sits at the rear of the brush desk. Reduce time and labour costs, reducing the need to sweep before scrubbing, with a range of brushes for deep cleaning.
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Tomcat has developed the SNAP system for renovating stone floors, our scrubber driers are fitted with a "polishing mode" which increases the rpm for polishing. A range of resin tools impregnated with diamonds are then used to polish the stone floor to the level of shine required. A specialist chemical can be used during the process on concrete floors to harden the surface and prevent dusting. Suitable for terrazzo, marble, most natural stone and concrete floors.
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Diamabrush tools can be used for the removal of thick layers of dirt in heavy industrial applications or removing the top layer of contaminated or scratched concrete from a floor. For more information on Diamabrush please contact us.

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