About Tomcat

RPS Corporation of Racine WI USA is the manufacturer of TomCat floor care machinery. RPS Corporation was founded in 1986 and has since specialized in the design and manufacture of floor cleaning & preparation equipment. For this passionate family owned company, the relationship is still focused, listening to the real needs of the market. The ultimate goal is to design machines which always demonstrate better performance and have a long life at the lowest possible running costs.

Quality & Durability

TomCat has earned it's reputation by manufacturing the most robust floor cleaning equipment, which is easy to use & achieves the best results possible in the market today. More than 400 distributors in over 40 countries share the TomCat passion and maintain a large network of enthusiastic TomCat users.
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Heavy Duty Components

All TomCat floor cleaning machines are manufactured with American-quality components, constructed with heavy duty materials and powerful motors for the best cleaning ability and longevity. TomCat equipment is designed to "live and Last" in the commercial environment.