CARBON Disc Scrubber Dryer

The TomCat Carbon Disc battery powered twin disc scrubber dryer is available in 66cm & 71cm scrub widths , a powerful actuator applies controllable brush pressure to the scrub deck for outstanding results on the dirtiest floors. Available with a large range of tools and accessories the Carbon can be adapted for your unique requirements, cleaning most types of hard floors or diamond polishing stone, terrazzo, marble and concrete floors. Safe & simple to use the Carbon's robust nature & results make it a favorite with owners & operators all over the world.

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TomCat Carbon Disc

Available with a large range of floor cleaning pads & brushes for versatile professional hard floor cleaning, the brush deck cover slides off for easy access enabling the operator to change the tooling for different floor types.


  • Robust construction
  • Powerful adjustable scrub pressure
  • Sealed maintenance free drive system
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Class leading performance
Type Disc scrubber dryer
Scrub system Twin disc
Scrub width 66cm/71cm
Brush R.P.M 350
Brush pressure 0-68 kg adjustable
Water capacity 79ltr clean & recovery
Vacuum motor 1x1 hp
Traction drive 0,75 hp, 0-6,4 km/h
Power 4 X 6v
Run time 2 - 4 hours
Construction Steel chassis/plastic tanks
Dimensions LxWxH 132 x 55 x 101cm
Weight 306 kg
170-009 HD Frame with Bat & Chrg (WET) 225 AH Batt & 25a Charger
170-046 Bat/Chrgr Upgrd [24V]-AGM 140ah,25A Charger
170-011 Bat/Chrgr Upgrd [24V]-AGM 215 ah,25A Charger

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