TomCat Sport Edge

The Sport E is a powerful compact walk-behind scrubber dryer with EDGE oscillating technology & available with the Zero3 aqueous ozone system for on-board, on-demand chemical free cleaning. The oscillating deck technology gives powerful up to the edge cleaning with the ability to deep clean & strip floor seal without chemicals. Please click on the link for more on ZERO3 chemical free

ZERO3 Chemical Free Cleaning
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Versatile & productive

The Sport E with oscillating technology is a versatile cleaner, deep cleaner & floor preparation machine, with a large range of pads, screens & specialist tooling for all hard floor types. The Sport E will clean & renovate non slip, marble, terrazzo, profiled, wood, tiled, painted, concrete, & vinyl flooring. Stripping multiple layers of floor polish from vinyl floors without harsh chemicals is a simple safer task.
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Pads & Tools

A large range of conventional & specialist pads, screens & tooling is available for the EDGE models, enabling the operator to undertake a large range of tasks. Grout Cleaning - Diamond Polishing - Floor Polish Removal - Deep Cleaning – Renovation are all easier with EDGE. You can view the pad guide in our download section.


You can see the TomCat Sport E cleaning various floor types CHEMICAL FREE in the health care environment.

These outstanding results were achieved without the use of chemicals & the floors were being “cleaned” daily with a big brand scrubber dryer.

  • Innovative oscillating scrub technology
  • Uses up to 70% less water and chemical
  • Cleans floors traditional machines fail on
  • Robust construction with powerful motors
  • Large range of pads and tools
  • Highly productive with extended run times
Type Rider Scrubber Drier with EDGE technology
Scrub path 80cm
Scrub system Oscillating EDGE technology
Scrub motor 2500-2900 Rpm
Brush pressure 0-115 kg adjustable
Water capacity 130 liter clean/recovery
Vacuum 1x1 hp
Traction drive 1,5 hp, 0-7 km/h front wheel drive
Power 36V 6x6V Batteries
Run time 3 - 6 hours
Construction Steel/impact resistant plastic
Dimensions LxWxH 137 x 66 x 140 cm
Weight 550 kg
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