Magnum SNAP Scrubber Polisher

Magnum HD scrubber drier with polishing feature, twin speed brush motors allow the operator to increase the R.P.M on the scrubbing deck while maintaining the brush pressure. This increases productivity when diamond polishing stone floors and enables polishing while cleaning vinyl or smooth painted floors.

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SNAP Scrubber polishers

The Diamabrush and SNAP systems are revolutionizing the do-it-yourself flooring resurfacing and maintenance industry. By progressing through a system of progressively finer abrasive grits, the surface of the concrete begins to close up, resulting in a brilliant shine. Our various grits also allows the customer to choose the final result, maintain it themselves, and ideally suited for use on our battery powered scrubbers. By eliminating the need for specialized equipment and harsh chemicals, our system makes polishing concrete floors a "Do it Yourself" project.


Magnum SNAP Diamond Polishing machines are available for hire through selected dealers across the country, please visit www.scrubberdrierhire.com for more details

Type Scrubber Polisher
Scrub width 66cm/75cm/85cm
Scrub system Twin disc
Disc speed 200 & 340 r.p.m
Brush presure 0 - 113kg
Water capacity 114ltr
Vacuum motor 1hp
Drive 0.75hp
Power 4 x 6v 360ah Battery
Run time 3 - 6 hours
Construction Steel chassis/poly tank
Dimensions 142x60x109cm
Polishing Systems SNAP or Diamabrush