Hero Scrubber Sweeper

The HERO C is a large powerful walk-behind scrubber, built on a solid steel chassis with barrel brushes for scrubbing and sweeping in a single pass. The cylinder brush deck has heavy duty motors and a hopper to collect loose debris reducing the need to pre-sweep, saving time and money. Simple to use and maintain with outstanding results, the HERO C scrubber sweeper is favourite with operators and owners around the world.


TomCat Hero Cylinderical

The TomCat Hero walk-behind scrubber dryer is available with three styles of brush deck for different floor types. Our cylindrical models scrub, sweep and dry in a single pass for fast effective hard floor cleaning. Two powerful motors turn the cylinder brushes at 750 rpm which scrub the floor and sweep debris into a removable hopper located behind the deck, the squeegee at the rear of the machine picks up the water leaving the floor clean, dry, & ready for use. Cylinder scrubber sweepers are ideal for textured or rougher floor types or where a small amount of debris may be present. Such as warehouse, factories, engineering & manufacturing.


  • Scrubs and sweeps in single pass
  • Simple robust construction
  • HD motors and running gear
  • Highly productive
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Heavy adjustable brush pressure
  • Outstanding results
Type Walk-behind Scrubber Sweeper
Scrub paths 60/69/75/85cm
Brush system 2 x Cylinder
Debris tray 20-30ltr
Brush speed 750 rpm
Brush pressure 0-115 kg
Water capacity 114ltr Clean/recovery
Vacuum motor 1x1 hp
Drive motor 1 hp, 0-6,4 km/h Transaxle
Power 24v 4x6v Battery
Run time 4 -5 hours
Construction Steel chassis/poly tanks
Dimensions LxWxH 142x61x109cm
Weight 402 kg
253-017 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/325ah & 35A Charger
253-015 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/360ah & 35A Charger
253-014 Battery/Charger Upgrade- AGM 335ah AGM, 25a Charger
253-127 Spray Jet
253-131 Spray Jet / Vac Wand Combo

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