GTX EDGE Ride-on Scrubber

The TomCat GTX Edge is the largest ride-on scrubber drier available with the innovative Edge oscillating scrub system. The 80cm scrubbing path of the GTX is suitable for cleaning medium to large hard floor areas, using up to 70% less water and chemical than traditional methods. The unique cleaning action of the Edge system makes it more productive when daily maintenance cleaning, with a range of specialist pads and screens that enable the operator to remove floor seals without the use of harmful chemicals.


  • Innovative oscillating scrub technology
  • Uses up to 70% less water and chemical
  • Cleans floors traditional machines fail on
  • Robust construction with powerful motors
  • Large range of pads and tools
  • Highly productive with extended run times
Type Rider Scrubber Drier with EDGE technology
Scrub path 80cm
Scrub system Oscillating EDGE technology
Scrub motor 2500-2900 Rpm
Brush pressure 0-115 kg adjustable
Water capacity 130 liter clean/recovery
Vacuum 1x1 hp
Traction drive 1,5 hp, 0-7 km/h front wheel drive
Power 36V 6x6V Batteries
Run time 3 - 6 hours
Construction Steel/impact resistant plastic
Dimensions LxWxH 137 x 66 x 140 cm
Weight 550 kg
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