EX Scrubber Sweepers

TomCat scrubber sweepers with cylindrical brush decks can scrub and sweep in a single pass, eliminating the need to pre-sweep saving time and money. The EX is built with a solid steel chassis, heavy duty motors and stainless steel fasteners, combined with the simple electronics to make this machine easy to use and maintain. The comfortable seat, simple controls and fast effective cleaning ability make the EX a favourite with operators around the world.


whats new ?

The EX is a natural progression from our previous ride-on scrubber sweepers, with some practical innovations that make them simpler & safer to use, with increased productivity, better results & longevity that our customers demand. The EX comes with a new vacuum motor protection system to eliminate water ingress & increase the life, operator service cabinet reducing routine maintenance


  • Scrubs and sweeps in a single pass
  • Simple and robust in construction
  • Powerful adjustable scrub pressure
  • Simple controls with “on touch” operation
  • Comfortable for the operator
  • Simple topside maintenance
  • Cost effective cleaning


NEW for 2018

Type Ride-on Scrubber Sweeper
Scrub system 2 x Cylinder brushes
Debris tray 20-30 ltr
Brush speed ST 650rpm / HD 825rpm
Brush pressure 0-102 kg Adjustable
Water capacity 174ltr Clean / 185 Recovery
Vacuum motor 1x1 hp
Drive motor ST 1hp / HD 2hp
Power 36v 6x6v Battery
Run time 3 - 5 hrs
Construction Steel chassis/poly tanks
Dimensions LxWxH 157.5 x 81.3 x 144.8 cm
Weight w/batteries ST 538kg / HD 651kg
250-022 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/325ah & 36V/30A Charger
250-027 Battery/Charger Upgrade-WET 6V/360ah & 36V/30A Charger
250-020 Battery/Charger Upgrade AGM 335ah & 25A Charger

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