Chemical-free stripping, grout cleaning, sanding or grinding and polishing, the versatile EDGE ISO is faster than traditional methods, with the added advantage of cleaning right up to the edge and into the corners. Uses up to 70% less water and chemicals, better for the environment & safer for the operator.



The Edge ISO with the rectangular high speed oscillating system offers a new concept in floor cleaning and preparation. The combination of a unique high speed orbital motion and a large range of cleaning pads, screens and specially developed tools make the EDGE ideal for cleaning and renovation of hard floors. For special applications additional weights can be added, increasing the machine up to 120Kg pressure. The orbital action gives a more even finish than traditional rotary machines, taking less time to achieve superior results.


The EDGE stick can be used for chemical-free stripping multiple layers of polish from linoleum, PVC, rubber and other hard floors. Diamond polishing natural stone floors is a simple task, with a range of specially developed pads & resin tooling. Sand wood floors dust free with the vacuum attachment, safer and easier to use than a belt sander and sands right to the edge and into the corners. Clean ceramic tiles and even the grout with our unique pads and tools.


  • Unique innovative technology
  • Cleans, sands, grinds, polishes
  • Solution for most hard floors
  • Cleans the edges and the corners
  • Uses 70% less water and chemicals
  • Safer for the environment
  • Extremely robust and durable construction
  • Large selection of floor pads and accessories

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