Compact Ride-on Scrubber EDGE RS

The RS Edge is the most compact ride-on scrubber drier in the TomCat range, the 36v battery system, powerful motors and heavy duty components make the RS the toughest in the micro ride-on market. Fitted with the EDGE oscillating scrub system for hard floor cleaning this model uses up to 70% less water and chemicals than conventional floor cleaning machines. The EDGE scrub system can remove multiple layers of floor seal with out harmful chemicals if required, for easy floor preparation, that's safer for the operator and the environment.

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The Central Command systems on our RS Rider includes: Battery Hour Gauge, Brush Amp Gauge, and 5 different Hour Meters. If machine batteries become over discharged, the scrubber dryer automatically shuts down all systems except "transport", enabling the operator to make it back to the charge station. The RS scrubbers offer the great productivity of ride-on machines but with better manoeuvrability than pedestrian models. The RS floor scrubber dryers have a powerful drive motor that can climb steep ramps and comes standard with heavy duty tires. Features of the drive system include: automatic parking brake and reducing of transport speed while scrubbing or reversing to maintain life of the squeegees.


  • Unique innovative technology
  • Chemical free floor stripping
  • Cleans most types of hard floor
  • Cleans right to the edge
  • Uses up to 70% less water & chemicals
  • Robust and simple to use
  • Large range of pads and tools
Type Scrubber Drier with EDGE technology
Scrub width 60cm/70cm
Scrub system Oscillating EDGE technology
RPM 2500-2900
Scrub pressure 68 kg
Water capacity 83 ltr clean , 84 ltr recovery
Vacuum motor 1x1hp
Traction drive 0,75hp front wheel drive
Power 36V 3x12V
Run time 2 - 4 hours
Construction Steel/impact resistant plastic
Dimensions LxWxH 122X61X140cm
Weight 368 kg
500-002600 Batter upgrade 3 x 225ah wet
500-001100 Battery upgrade 3 x 215ah AGM sealed 25ah charger

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