Diamond Polishing

Natural stone diamond Polishing from TomCat, with a range of high quality resin diamond tools and pads our two types of stone polishing machines.

Marmer slijpen polijsten TomCat Edge

EDGE Stone floor restoration system

TomCat has developed a range of pads and diamond tooling that can be used with our EDGE machines to renovate Marble, Terrazzo & Concrete floors. The stick machine is ideal for small areas and edges, the scrubber driers will handle larger areas with ease.
Magnum SNAP Diamond Polisher

VIDEO : SNAP Diamond Polishing

The SNAP system is available on all disc models, increase the revolutions from 200rpm to 340 rpm at the flick of a switch, reducing the number of passes while increasing the depth of shine. You can see the SNAP diamond polishing system working on a concrete factory floor..

See a TomCat on you floor

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